Journal #2

      I think sexting, is really stupid. I don`t think a lot of people consider where their photos could end up, like the girl who commited suicide. Everyone seems to get into the fad of technology, like forwarding a chain mail text that got sent to your phone, so as soon as someone hears that someone is sending nude pictures, everyone decides to do it too. People just want to fit in so if someone else is sending pictures, they think they should to. In my opinion, it`s not good for your body image and your repuatation. You could start seeing yourself in a different way, and you could get a reptuation around your school as something that you probably don`t wanna be called.

One thought on “Journal #2

  1. 9/10

    Well done. Any personal experiences you’ve heard of besides this article would have made it even better to make the topic more localized.

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