Journal #7

I’m sure to a certain extent, that the internet has changed our brains. If you want to read a book, you don’t just sit down and read it anymore, you find the online version that can be read TO you. If you want to write an essay, instead of sitting down with a pen and paper, you open your laptop and pull up Microsoft Word. Some people are so dependent on the internet that they are constantly updating their facebook status, everyone 5 minutes. I’m sure that the whole network on yourjust facebook could care less that you were eating a bagel and now your listening to your history teacher recount a nazi war. I think every now and then, we all need to take a break, shut off our computer, set it away from ourselves, and relax .

For me, it’s harder to research the old way. Instead of going to pick up an encylopedia to look for essay information, I log onto google and type in my information, and I’m already halfway done my essay. The internet has stopped a lot of people from reading books and reading to get information. Now everything is all based around technology .

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  1. 8/10

    You missed the point of are they making us stupid. Efficiency I get but the actual thinking and analysis is what is targeted in this article.

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